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PRCW Tip Jar is an emergency fund established to raise awareness of the needs of the hospitality industry professionals, bartenders, servers, and other personnel in the industry, and support them through donations of symbolic virtual tips.


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You can donate through Paypal or ATH Móvil!

Do you need to be assisted by the prow tip jar program?

While working in the hospitality industry is undoubtedly rewarding, we understand the unique challenges it presents. From long, unpredictable hours to the physical and mental toll of constant activity, industry professionals face daily demands that can take a toll on their well-being.

That’s why we teamed up with Linterna, a distinguished organization of consultants committed to enhancing the well-being, occupational health, and performance of individuals and teams. Since 2016, Linterna has worked with individuals and groups across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America to add value to their organizations. Their team includes experts in disciplines such as clinical psychology and industrial psychology, counseling, human resources, and organizational consulting.

Through our partnership with Linterna, you now have the opportunity to access tailored services, both individually and collectively, to address your specific needs. Whether it’s personal well-being or team dynamics, we’re here to support you on your journey in the hospitality industry. Request the assistance you need and let’s work together to ensure your success!


* Linterna services available while funds last

Please make sure you have read through the Eligibility Requirements in the link bellow and if you believe that you are eligible, please fill out the application below making sure to include the required supporting documents.

Magnum has joined Tip Jar in support of our industry professionals!

We’re proud to join forces with brands that are committed to providing ongoing support to hospitality workers all over our island.


In order to qualify for the PRCW Tip Jar Program, you must satisfy all of the following requirements:


Fund recipients will be selected solely on the basis of the eligibility requirements above. Each grant applicant will be reviewed for compliance with the eligibility and application requirements on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis by the PRCW Tip Jar Program Staff.

Grants will be made in the form of lump sum distributions to the recipient, or as determined by the PRCW Tip Jar Program Staff based on the needs of the particular recipient.Each grant recipient will be required to provide PRCW Tip Jar Program Staff with documentation that the grant was used in a manner consistent with the terms of the grant.

All data is kept confidential and secure.