The Sustainable Bartending Project Presented by Tales Of The Cocktail Foundation

@ Atlántiko Room, La Concha Resort​
11:15AM – 12:15PM​

Crafting cocktails with intentional ingredients, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation brings together Argentinian bartender Lucas Groglio, Mexican bartender Fatima Leon, and Puerto Rican bartender Jose “Chuck” Rivera for the Foundation’s first Tales Headliners Series on the road. Lucas of LO HACEMOS BIEN and NGO Mas Oxigeno uses sustainable bartending techniques for his cocktails, down to the coaster it is served on. Fatima, lead bartender of Mexico City’s TERRAZA SEPIA, creates cocktails as a personal representation, each ingredient holding a story. Chuck, the Beverage Director of Jungle Bird / Caneca Coctelería Móvil / Licorería Miramar, brings innovation and craftsmanship to the cocktail programs he oversees. This shift is open to the public and the first two cocktails of the night are on Tales of the Cocktail Foundation!


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