Official Bars Program 2023

¡Gracias por tu interés en unirte a Puerto Rico Cocktail Week!

The Official Bars Program is a collaboration between local bars and PRCW in order to achieve greater exposure for bars during the largest cocktail event in the Caribbean. 


For more information you can contact us at:

¿Listos para elevar la cultura de la coctelería en Puerto Rico?

¡Aprende más sobre los beneficios y requisitos del programa!


Dear PRCW Official Bar: Welcome to the fourth edition of the Puerto Rico Cocktail Week! We are thrilled with all the preparation, promotion and logistics of this event in the next few weeks. The Official Bars Program and their engagement are an essential parat of the success we are all aiming for. Our PRCW Official Bar Program invites and welcomes local bars that are willing to position themselves as part of the best bars on the island. A special area on our website will be dedicated to promoting these bars as an official guide for consumers.

Here are the benefits you will get by joining the PRCW Official Bar Program:

1. Exposure on our website - official directory
2. Promotion of PRCW Official Bars in news and advertising media
3. Mention in our social media as Official Bar of PRCW
4. Special offer from the official PRCW brands
5. Use of logo in promotional material for PRCW social media
6. 20% discount on admission to PRCW educational events and seminars
7. Opportunity to develop events and promote them on the web/networks
8. Sticker that identifies it as an Official PRCW Bar
9. Two official PRCW T-shirts for the Staff
10. 20% discount on official merchandise
11. Labeling material that identifies it as an Official PRCW Bar

We are listing the Official Bars Program Requirements and important details that need to be known and done:

1. Have ALL participating PRCW brands available throughout the week. (The list of brands will be announced on October 15, 2022)
2. Offer a cocktail menu and/or a cocktail at a preferential price
3. Offer an incentive/benefit to people who arrive with an official PRCW wrist bands.
4. Have a bartender and/or bar staff who make cocktails
5. Buy liquors from official PRCW brands
6. Do activation, event, initiative (cocktail menu) during November 13-20
7. Promote the PRCW event in the months of October and November on your social media, website, bar and/or restaurant
8. Fee payment as PRCW Official Bar: $350

If you have any question or comment, don’t hesitate to communicate with us:

-Roberto Berdecía | (787) 473-0738 |
-Deliana Olmo | (787) 923-3549 |
-Charimar Vázquez | (787) 377-0912 |

Material Approval

I sent the images/photos and logo of my bar. I accept that Puerto Rico Cocktail Week uses the material sent for promotional use of its fourth edition in all its social networks, including, among others, copies, designs, website, graphic materials and photographs.

No Third-Party Beneficiaries

This Agreement is made solely and specifically among and for the benefit of the parties hereto, and their respective successors and assigns and no other person will have any rights, interest, or claims hereunder or be entitled to any benefits under or on account of this Agreement as a third-party beneficiary or otherwise.

Payment Terms

Each payment due to Puerto Rico Cocktail Week under this Agreement shall be paid no later than October 15, 2022 by ATH Movil business/prcw, check payable to International Cocktail, LLC or PayPal transfer to Puerto Rico Cocktail Week’s account. (